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What’s on an application to Salem Academy? Below, we’ve laid out all of the questions on the application so that you know what to expect when you go to fill it out online. Items with an asterisk are required.

Admission Steps

1. Purchase the form

The first step is to purchase an admission form, fill in the information and return it to the school. To do this you can visit the school premises to purchase a form at the reception or school accounts office. The forms for the secondary school cost #10,000.

2. Take the entrance examination

All through the year, we have dedicated days set aside for entrance examinations into the school. Our website is updated regularly with dates for the exams, you can also visit the school or contact us

3. Get enrolled to Salem Academy!

If you are successful in the examination, you will be notified (Kindly note that if a child fails, we cannot admit them into the school, in special cases the child might be recommended for a lower grade). We will them give you all the required documentation for the school enrolment procedures. Upon payment of all school fees (including uniform and books), your child can resume at the school.

Requirements for Entrance Examination

1.Duly filled application form
2.Two passport size photographs
3.Birth certificate
4.Academic results from previous school
5.Writing materials such as pens, pencils, erasers and calculators for SS.2 & SS.3 only.
6.Candidates will be examined on Mathematics, English Language and General Paper. 

General Paper for candidates in Junior Secondary consist of:

(a) Basic Science & Technology
(b) National Value Education
(c) Pre-Vocational Studies
(d) Current Affairs

General Paper for candidates in Senior Secondary consist of:

(a) Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Any other Science subjects for prospective science students.
(b) Government, CRK/IS and Literature in English for prospective Arts students.
(c) Commerce, Financial Accounting and office practice for prospective Business students.

Requirements for Registration

1. Certificate of medical history
2. Transfer certificate for students in JS.2 & 3 and SS.2 & 3.
3. General undertaking to be of good behavior to be co-signed by the parent and the prospective student.
4. Payment of the stipulated fees.

Admission into other classes:

In order to be accepted as a student a candidate must meet the following criteria:

1. Obtain a minimum score of 60% in their previous session report
2. Attain a cumulative average of 50% in entrance examination
3. Demonstrate a proficiency in English Language
4. Original copies of previous school records must be provided
5. Submit all other documents necessary to ensure a smooth transition including medical history, emergency contact numbers and physical contact address.

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